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Innisfil Indy Karting
Kart Lease Program

Sale $199.

Reg. $249.

Go Kart Lease Program › Complete Chassis

Senior 6.5 HP

Junior 5.5 HP

Option 1 - Racing Fun

› Membership $199 +HST

› $60 +HST Practice 1 hour

Option 2 - Club Racing

› Membership $199 +HST

› Club Membership $75 +HST yearly

› $100 +HST Each Race

› $60 +HST Practice 1 hour

* Pre pay full season Save $200* +HST

Note: Each member is responsible for inspecting kart before and after each race. Any damages made to kart during use must be paid by member. Kart lease is only available at Innisfil Indy not at other club racing locations.

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